Bajra Sandhi Monument is recognized by the name of Bajra Sandhi because it looks like Bajra or Genta or bell used by all Hindu priests at religious ceremonies when reading off Weda’s holy sentence (mantra). Built in 1987, this monument is opened on 14 June 2003 by the president of Megawati Sukarno Putri.

The aim of this monument is to immortalize the soul and spirit of the struggle of the Balinese people at a blow dig, look after, develop and preserve the culture of Bali that is legacies to a generation of routers, as a advancing capital stroke continues to take a world charged with challenges and resistance.

This monument consists of 33 dioramas depicting the history of the journey from a prehistoric period (300,000 S.M.) what its human being continues to do and very much based on nature until the period of completion of independence (1950-1975) when Bali Island is built in all areas such as politics, economics and social culture.

By knowing and understanding Bali people’s journey history, soul, and spirit struggle from time to time, Bali tourism is expected to increase by tightening the spirit and cultural. The physical construction existence is strongly related to the meaning of the philosophy of Hinduism, namely Yoni colossus.

Meanwhile, the monument is probably a colossus device, the base of the building as yoni. The Yoni colossus also describes the twiddling Mandhara Giri story at Ksirarnawa from the passage of Adi Parwa (Hindu’s Book).

This monument building consists of:

1. Jar of Amertha symbol by Kumba (a kind of pot) what is seen on the top monument.
2. The Dragon Basuki tail exists near by Swamba and its head at entrance gate
3. The body of Bedawang Akupa realized at its base of monument and the head at entrance gate
4. Mount of Mandara Giri realized by the high of monument boosting
5. Pool encircle the monument is supposing as Ksirarnawa (milk ocean).

In its development, Bajra Sandhi Monument was opened to visitors and to be places of interest or tourist destination in Bali, especially when visiting the city of Denpasar. To visit this beautiful place, you can also join Denpasar City Tour or Denpasar Tour Package.

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