Canggu Beach is a beautiful stretch of white sandy beach from Seminyak with a stunning view of the Indian Ocean. This beach features the great wave and two surf spots offer many surfers the opportunity to conquer the wave and experience the surfing adventures.

This famous beach has been visited by many tourists to recreate or relax while enjoying the fresh atmosphere flowing from the sea, especially the domestic tourist and surfers. The panoramic sunset view that creates the romantic nuance for each visitor also blesses this beach.

Surfers have named this surfing spot as one of Bali Island’s best surfing spots, so this spot is frequently visited by both foreign and domestic surfers. The beach is in the village of Canggu, district of Kerobokan, regency of Badung, province of Bali–Indonesia.

Among other famous surfing spots such as Seminyak Beach, Echo Beach, Berawa Beach, and Pererenan Beach, this beach is easily accessible from any direction.

The location is strategic near the other surfing spots and offers good access and easy access to public places of interest on the Island of God. The ideal location for visitors is only 35 minutes away from Denpasar Airport by car or 5 km from Kuta Beach.

Canggu Beach’s best season for surfing

Canggu Beach is located to the south of Bali Island and facing the Indian Ocean, which makes the dry season the best time to surf on this beach. During this season, the wind runs from the south-east to the west, creating the large and strong wave that is ideal for surfing.

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