Kehen Temple is a magnificent temple which was built in the 11th century as the Kingdom Temple of Bangli Kingdom. Three Hindu gods (Shiva, Brahma and Vishnu) are enshrined in this temple.

First of all, when you arrive at the temple, eyes are deprived by a splendid stone gravure of the stairs. Go up to this temple built in the long flight of stairs using the inclination of the mountain until you reach the gate. There are three stages (outside boundary, inside boundary, and interior boundary) that have ended up the stairs ahead. In addition, the sacred tree Banyan, which is soaring in the temple, attracts attention.

The tree’s age is more than 700 years, it’s a very big tree. The stone relief given to all the temple buildings has precisely power. Decades of Chinese pottery decoration plates are buried in the wall. At that time, this guesses the trade with China and the dynasty’s prosperity.

Chinese earthenware was nearly stolen at that time, however. The one now seen, therefore, is the one restored afterwards. There are many viewpoints in this temple, such as the tower digging by three Hindu gods, and 11-layer Mel etc.

Furthermore, since this temple consists of three steps and is built in separate age respectively, you can enjoy difference. Every stone sculpture can be enjoyed. Banyan tree in the temple grows thick and soft air drifts.

The tourist is few and meditating in this peaceful, quiet temple may be good.

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