Mas Village is located in the sub-district of Ubud and in the east of Bali, Gianyar Regency. It possesses the typical wood carving art style by highlighting the distinctive synergy between humanism and naturalism.

The popularity of the village as a wood carving art village is known nationally and worldwide, not to be forgotten by the highness name of some masters who bore and found the spirit (taksu) and soul. The late Ida Bagus Nyana and son Ida Bagus Tilem are the famous wood carvers here.

We can find lots of art shops along the road that sell lots of wood carvings. We can also see rice fields on the left or right of the road, so we can conclude that Mas people’s lives are not just as wood carvers, but also as farmers.

Also visitors can see the furniture works along the road, especially the local and export teak wood furniture. Details about the wood used for wood carving will be obtained in this village visitor, we have some local wood like mahagony, satin wood, crocodile wood and some imported like ebony, sandle wood etc.

The most important thing is how they made amazing wood carvings into the high quality of arts works from wood timber.

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