Sangeh Monkey Forest is a Bali tourist destination run by a local resident’s special organizer. Sangeh is a small fertile monkey forest that the group of monkeys dwells in. It is located in the countryside of Sangeh, north of Denpasar town, Badung Regency.

It is one of Bali’s tourist destinations, strategically located next to the road. The good road to reach the place was provided and many tourists came to this place to see the cute monkeys.

In the 17th century, in Mengwi’s Monarchic Golden Age, I Gusti Agung Ketut Karangasem, the son of I Gusti Agung Made Agung, built the temple in the middle of the nutmeg forest and is later called the Bukit Sari Temple (like a small forest with mixed vegetation and width of about 10,8 ha).

The myth of this Sangeh Forest is relevant to the evacuation of wood from Agung Mount in Karangasem to Mengwi in Badung’s regency. But it was seen or known by someone on the way to evacuation so that it finally becomes the forest named with Sangeh.

This forest is formally as a nature of the Tourism Garden, which is also a temple holy area to worship the god. It is carried out by local people from the countryside of Sangeh and its surroundings. It also becomes a secret function as a commercial tourism business next to a tourist object.

The forest has been cultivated by some plant types such as Chico Kecik, Mahoney and guava in shares of the extension area (3,169 ha) which is located in the west part of this forest area. This part is expected to be the source of food for approximately 500 monkeys in this forest.

Macacaca fascicularis is the monkey species living in Sangeh. This monkey lives on the east, middle, and west side in three different groups.

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