Bali is known for its traditional craft art products. One is Tohpati Village, renowned for Bali’s hand Batik and the traditional handweaving center. It’s just one hour drive from Kuta to the village of Tohpati.

Batik is a traditional form of fabric for painting. They carefully use wax dots and lines to decorate the cloth. Witnessing their batik making process is very impressive.

Batik comes from the Javanese language, its derivation from the word “Amba” means writing, and “Titik” means dot.

Even batik comes from Javanese, but Batik’s existence in Java is not written on history. G.P Rouffaer believes that from 6 to 7 centuries Batik technique is probably introduced from India or Srilangka. But according to the F.A. Sutjipto, Batik originally came from Indonesia from Toraja, Flores, Halmahera and Papua in particular.

Nowadays batik is very popular in Indonesia and for those who are on holiday in Bali, you will be able to see the art of Batik in Bali.

Here, too, you can witness the traditional hand weaving. It is most famous for the Balinese wearing Endek hand weaving with a unique pattern. They’re even going to wear Endek or Batik on Friday at the school, or the Bali government office.

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