Bali Geopark Land Cruiser 2021

Bali Geopark Land Cruiser for your Bali Land Cruiser tour in Bali

Bali is magical. Its spectacular culture, tradition, religion and beautiful beach are still considered as the great magnet to attract more and more tourists visiting this tiny island.

However, Bali also has remarkable volcanoes which provide spectacular treasures for adventure lovers. One of those volcanoes is Mount Batur which is still considered as the active one. Mount Batur is located in Kintamani distric, Bali about 90 kilometers north of Denpasar.

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The United Nation Educational,Scientific and Cultural Organization has declared the caldera areas of Mount Batur which is located in Kintamani district, Bali as part of the Global Geopark Network of the world. The geopark label is awarded by UNESCO in the European Geopark conference held in Aurora Geopark, Portugal on September,20th 2012.

The Batur Global Geopark is centered around an active volcano located in northeast Bali between of two round calderas. The area is rich of elements of macro and micro volcanic landforms produced by the volcano across several thousand of years.

To be able to reach this remarkable hidden paradise, no other choice, it must be by land cruiser(powerful off road machine).

BALI GEOPARK LAND CRUISER proudly invites you to explore and discover the hidden geological treasure of this site by land cruiser. The real track of this adventure is absolutely challenging and amazing, cold black lava, volcanic sand and other volcanic material.

The amazing and beautiful cone of mount Batur as the back ground of the track will really pamper your eyes during the adventure . Finally ,after joining you will agree that” this is absolutely the real natural geological paradise on this planet”.

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The Rules of Bali Geopark Land Cruiser:
1. From the office to the location of the adventure, our staff drives the land cruiser.
2. In the real track (geopark location), particularly in sandy wasteland (desert),the participant is allowed to drive as long as he is capable of operating our land cruiser and still under our staff control
3. The participant must obey all staff direction otherwise our staff can cancel the adventure without any refund.

The adventure starts from Sanding village, Tampaksiring district and proceeds to Kintamani Batur where the location of geopark as the main track of this adventure. It takes about 30 minutes drive.

1. Kintamani
Geopark is located in Kintamani. Kintamani is high land about more than one thousand meters above sea level. Kintamani belongs to Bangli Regency about 50 km from Denpasar town or about 2 hours by car. The average temperature here is about 18 celcius degree and for the local people is quite cold, particularly at late afternoon until the whole of night. Sometime the area is blanketed by fog which makes the area get colder. The most amazing time is when the sun rise emerges on the surface of earth precisely on the mount Batur. The main land products of the major areas of Kintamani are oranges and any kind of vegetables, like cabbage, carrot, garlic, sweet corn and beans.

2. Mount Batur
Mount Batur is the icon panorama of Kintamani. This mountain is about 1717 meters above sea level. It has erupted 24 times since year 1804 and still active up to now. The last eruption was in 2000 and the biggest eruption in 1926. This active volcano is exactly located at the center of two concentric calderas north west of mount Agung ( the highest mountain in Bali, 3142 meters above sea level). Mount Batur has a big caldera, 13 x 10 km, and considered as the biggest caldera in the world. Historical eruption have been characterized by mild-to-moderate explosive activity sometime accompanied by lava emission, and basaltic lava flows have reached the caldera floor and the shores of lake Batur in historical time. The caldera contains an active 700-meter tall stratovolcano rising above the surface of the lake Batur. The substantial lava field from the 1968 eruption is visible today.

3.Lake Batur
The lake Batur is the widest lake on the island of Bali. It lies down on the feet of mount Batur and mount Abang. This large cresent shape Batur lake is surrounded by the high wall of crater rim. This crystal clear water fresh lake was formed by an ancient volcanic eruption about 29.300 years ago. The lake is 7.5 km in length, 2.5 km in width and the total area is 16 km2. The water is 75 meters deep.

4.Geopark of the world.
On September 20,2012, The United Nation Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has made mount Batur Caldera as a part of the Global Geopark Network. The geopark label is awarded by UNESCO in the European Geopark conference held in Aurora Geopark Portugal. The Geopark is centered around an active volcano which is rich of elements of macro and micro volcanic land forms produced by the volcano across several thousand of years. This Mount Batur caldera is the first geopark in Indonesia.

5. Sandy wasteland(desert) and sand hill
This geopark has beautiful desert and sand hill. This area is located in deep inside area. Only land cruiser can reach this hidden place. You can drive by your own self on this wasteland under our staff control. You can also climb the sand hill to be able enjoy the beauty of the area from the top of the hill. We provide you coffee break in this spot.

6.Lava Land
Fantastic lava rock is the major area of this geopark.. On the way to Hot spring place you will be pampered by naturally and beautifully carved lava rock. It makes the adventure more challenging and amazing.

7.Batur Natural Hot Spring( The Only One Healing Spa in Bali)
The last program of the adventure is Natural hot spring. This spring is located on the side of lake Batur. Natural thermal mineral water flows in the pools and private baths providing the idyllic setting for relaxation and rejuvenation. Batur Natural Hot Spring makes it possible to bathe in the naturally healing water of mineral rich thermal pools .After you take bath in the pools we serve you set menu lunch while enjoying the beauty of the Lake Batur.


Adult: USD 149 USD ???/person
Child (5- 12 yo): USD 98  USD ??/person


  • Hotel Return Transfer
  • Welcome drink
  • Mineral water during on Land Cruiser tour
  • Private land cruiser
  • self driving in sandy desert (Approximately 3 hours)
  • Take a bath & swim in Batur Natural Therapy Hot Spring pool
  • Lunch at Batur Natural Hot spring by lake Batur
  • Insurance

Kuta, Sanur, Nusa Dua, Legian, Seminyak, Ubud : 07.30 am



  • Due to government regulations, all cruise purchases will be charged in IDR (Indonesian Rupiah) with the exchange rate on the day of departure.

Terms & Conditions :

  • Participant with minimum 2 persons traveling together
  • All prices are per person
  • Concession rate can apply for group bookings
  • A cancellation fee of 100% of the list price will apply if the tour is cancelled in same day.
  • A Transport surcharge will apply for pick-up place outside of Kuta, Sanur, Seminyak, Jimbaran, Nusa Dua, Ubud, Canggu and Tanah Lot area.

Visa / Master card is accepted with 3% extra bank processing fee.

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