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Interaction with Dolphins

Bali offers many options for your memorable Bali trip. experience our intearction with dolphins and and close, interact and pet our friendly dolphin at our sea lodge, this tour is one of the very famous tour in Bali, advance booking is required due to limited space.

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  • Interaction with Dolphins
  • Interaction with Dolphins
  • Swimming with Dolphins


Experience the thrill and joy of interaction with friendly Bali Dolphins, it’s fun, educational and memorable, an unforgettable encounter of a lifetime! pat, interact and perform various trick and activities with our friendly and intelligent dolphins. There are 8 Dolphins (Jasmine, Ricky, Triton, Veda, Murpy, Pluto, Alva, Vito) that we have which is divided into four area. These dolphins will amaze you with their intelligence, physical ability and the softness. You’ll spend 40 minutes (1 session) in our specially designed dolphin enclosure, where you’ll have the chance to experience the thrill of up-close and personal contact through hugging, petting, kissing and playing with a dolphin! At each session the guests divided into 4 groups with each group a maximum of 6 persons, so you don’t need to worry that you couldn’t touch dolphin because of crowd

Due to very high demand and limited number of dolphins, please make reservations in advance to avoid disappointment due to the condition of being fully booked.

Interaction dolphin in Bali

Adult : USD 89/person
Adult : USD 79/person
Child (12 yo. Min. height of 1.5m) USD79/person
Child (5 - 12 years old) USD69/person

Infant FOC only watching.

make a booking

Bali Dolphins Interaction program include free return transfer to and from your hotel at Sanur, Nusa Dua, Tanjung Benoa, Jimbaran, Kuta, Tuban, seminyak and Legian. Complimentary transfers are based on minimum 2 persons.
Pick up outside of these area will be extra charge.

Pick up schedule :  
1st session, pick up time : 08.15 am
2nd session, pick up time : 09.05 am
3rd session, pick up time : 10.05 am
4th session, pick up time : 11.05 am
5th session, pick up time : 12.45 am


  • You'll be in the ocean pool approx 30 minutes for the dolphin experience.
  • No changing program on the day of activity, amend the program is allowed at least 1 day before trip.
  • Women who are suspected to be pregnant or pregnant are prohibited in the water with the dolphins.
  • Adults and Children with history of epilepsy or similar illnesses are prohibited in the water with the dolphins.
  • Please do not have sun lotion on your hands or wear sharp rings as this could harm the Dolphins.
  • Dolphin Lodge Bali operating in the open ocean and depending on weather factors. Bad weather can cause the client to be seasick. Cancellation of the tour can occur without prior notice or litle warning.
  • Dolphin Lodge Bali operates daily with 5 sessions and a guided commentary is given throughout the tour.
  • Dolphin Lodge Bali limit the number of participants to interact and swim with a dolphin only up to 6-7 people per group
  • Things to bring on the tour are a swimsuit and towel (if swimming), gear bag, change of clothing and camera.
  • We allow taking pictures with mobile phones and cameras but no professional camera, handler sticks, or drone are allowed.
  • A locker is supplied for the storage of your belongings.
  • Be careful if anyone claims our staff and collect the payment at your hotel. we do not take payment at hotel or outside our office, we only do transaction by online or in the office.

  • Swim with Dolphin programs performed in a different pool with the dolphin interaction program. So, if there are several people in your group who took a different program then that means you will do it in a separate pool.
  • If the same person wants to do two different programs, then it will be done in different sessions (next session). Please inform it to us when you make a reservation.


  • Bring your swimwear.
  • Waterproof camera (optional)


  • DO NOT apply any type of tanning oil or sunscreen before entering the water.
  • Do not bring any food and drinks into our sea pen.
  • There is no toilet in our sea pen and so participants are advised to use our toilets at our transit place before going out for the programs.


  • You are allowed to take photographs but we are not responsible for any damages of your electronic devices in our sea pen. Underwater or Waterproof camera is highly recommended.
  • Our official photographer will be available onsite to capture your experiences. Separate fees will apply for the purchase of photographs.

We wish you a safe, happy, and got unforgettable experience with our friendly dolphins and us.


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