Alas Kedaton Monkey Forest is located in the countryside of Kukuh, Tabanan Regency, Marga Sub district. Alas Kedaton is a small forest about 6-7 ha wide in the middle of the rice field in the regency of Tabanan, west of Bali. The total size of this forest, temple and facility is approximately 12 ha. There is a temple called Alas Kedaton Temple in this forest, and it possesses the natural environment that looks green with its fresh air and creates the atmosphere of calm, quiet and holy.

The monkeys in Alas Kedaton in the temple yard are very tame and free gallivanting, so the calm atmosphere is sometimes resolved by the monkey’s noise voice, which plays around and scrambles food. The monkeys living in this forest are jumping up and down in the temple wall, taking a moat bath or hanging out in a few leaves representing a view of the impression. The monkey is like the temple custodian, who is always ready to greet all the visitors who visit this place.

Besides monkeys, the bats and some other animals can also be found in the Kedaton forest. Alas Kedaton has identified at least 24 types of grove plants. The journey to this location can be easily accomplished by using motor vehicles on the main road from Denpasar to Tabanan.

On the way to this tourist spot, we’ll see the beautiful view of nature where the rice field carpet and irrigation voice on the side of the road will meet in front of us to bring the peaceful atmosphere.

Alas Kedaton Temple has three yards, the outer yard, the middle yard and the middle yard. The wall surrounds the center and middle yard and the outer yard represents an open yard. This temple’s interesting point is the inner yard representing the holy yard, its location lower than the middle yard.

This thing is different from the general temples in Bali that are going more into the temple, the higher the place is going to be. Besides that, there are four entrances in this temple, another interesting point.

Alas Kedaton Temple Festival

The temple ceremony is performed every 210 days a year in the Alas Kedaton temple. It is on Anggarakasih Medangsia (Balinese Hindu Calendar) or every Tuesday that society worships or prays to ask for security and prosperity at that time.

The unique thing about this ceremony is that you don’t use the fire and therefore don’t use Penjor and finished before the sunset or before the night. Alas Kedaton has become a training site on tourism nature, environmental handling and agro-tourism in growing handling of this tourist destination.

Alas Kedaton is visited by many tourists from local and foreign countries who usually pay a lot of visit on August, December to January, while local tourists usually pay a visit on Ramadan holiday season and feast day (Moslem holiday) and this place is good to visit during the day.

There are quite a lot of small shops selling the craft as souvenirs in front of the Alas Kedaton temple, such as clothes, pants and other crafts. Others, there are some booth shops that sell food and drink, toilet and park area that’s wide enough.

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