Amuk Bay Beach is the beauty of white sandy beaches completed by the fascinating rock hill structure jutting into the sea. The beach of Amuk bay is located in Banjar Labuhan, village of Antiga, district of Karangasem. With the villages of Padang Bay to the south and Candidasa to the north, the beach is about 6 km across.

Two islands outside the bay (Tepekong and Mimpang) and a little north of Biaha offer some of Bali’s most amazing diving.

However, these 3 sites must be treated with care and respect due to strong currents and unpredictable water movements, always consult your local Divemaster. Here is one of Mola Mola sunfish’s best spots, the water temperature is also slightly cooler.

The beach is frequently used as a family leisure centre, which is equipped with various facilities and accommodations for both local and international tourists who want to spend the night. The Amuk bay beach will be increasingly exotic at night, especially at sunset, as well as other beaches in Bali.

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