Perched on a hillside, the Buddhist Temple and Monastery of Brahmavira Arama rises majestically overlooking a sea with a lush green hill as a background. It is precisely in the hamlet of Tegehe, Banjar village, near Lovina, in Buleleng Regency that the monastery is located.

This monastery is not a tourist attraction, it still serves as a place for the Buddhist communities in North Bali to pray, worship and meditate.

Every day, some worshippers come to the monastery to pay homage, but the visitors ‘ peak is on the holy day of Vaisak, when most Buddhists come to this monastery in northern Bali to celebrate the Vaisak.

The monastery of Brahmavira Arama is a terraced temple complex where each level has its own structures. Each structure is decorated with exuberant Balinese woodcarvings showing Balinese culture’s assimilation into the monastery’s architecture. A miniature version of Borobudur (Biggest Buddhist Temple) can be found at the highest level of the complex.

The monastery is also filled with a big temple bell donated from Thailand, panels depicting Buddha Fables, and Buddha Sculpture. And, of course, there are a few chambers with golden Buddha statues in the monastery and several Buddha Statues can also be seen in the garden.

Again, this Buddhist is not a tourist attraction, admission is free, but please do not hesitate if you want to make a donation. You may also be able to borrow sarongs to enter the temple free of charge.

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