Bukit Jambul Rice Terraces is famous for its harmonious combination of mountainous land, rice fields, valleys as well as beautiful ocean panorama in distance. Located in the traditional village of Pesaban Nongan, district of Rendang. It is about 8 kilometers north of Klungkung and about 51 kilometers from Denpasar or about 15 kilometers from Besakih.

Take about 1.5 hours by car or 30 minutes to the renowned Besakih Temple, called Mother Temple. As we go from Kerta Gosa, we only go north for 30 minutes until we find the windy road.

Many people stop here after visiting Besakih Temple to enjoy the stunning view and have lunch at the restaurant. There are several restaurants here that provides buffet lunches.

From high ground we can see the beauty of the surrounding nature. The terrace of Bukit Jambul is a beautiful fertile rice field and has long been renowned as a tourist destination. Bukit Jambul is the perfect place to relax and rejuvenate in a cool air and a fun atmosphere.

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