Gitgit Waterfall in the north of Bali is a beautiful tourist destination. In the plateau area, the Gitgit waterfall is surrounded by tropical trees and emits the constantly natural water debit throughout the year. Waterfall voice around inside the charming nature was great and each visitor who comes to visit was the separate attraction that can be enjoyed.

A visit to the Gitgit waterfall should be on the list of every tourist. It’s about nine kilometers south from Singaraja. Even though the winding road is steep and the last part has to be walked, it can be reached by car or motorcycle. On the Denpasar road to Singaraja, you can park your vehicle. You will need to walk along the path in two halves to get closer.

The first part is a steped concrete path, bordered on one side by trees and shrubs, and on the right by a host of colorful shops. Halfway along the changes in the scene and you can see coffee and clove trees and rice terracing on both sides. Walking in this quiet area where the birds take turns to sing is a refreshing experience, and sometimes you will see the wild monkeys coming out of the jungle.

The air is cool and as you approach the waterfall, it gradually gets colder. The fine water spray cools your body a short distance from the waterfall. The atmosphere sometimes becomes very nebulous.

The waterfall is approximately 35 meters high, and as the water drops, it looks like white clouds descending one after another on the mountains. The falling water almost entirely covers the rock face of fall. Try taking some long exposure photo shoot if your camera is able.

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