Luhur Batukaru Temple is one of Bali’s largest Hindu Temples (Sad Kahyangan), which has been given the status of Padmabhuwana Temple and Catur Lokapala Temple. It is situated in the plateau area, surrounded by lush tropical rain forest.

It is in a quiet area far from the local resident, which is ideal for worship and meditation. Some temple buildings are spread through the tranquility of the rainforest and the Batukaru mountain as a background.

Batukaru Temple Festival

The holy occupation of Kubayan is commissioned to lead the temple ceremony and his status above all priests in Pretending pertinent ancient. When praying at the Temple Festival, or at some point in the ceremony, it must be preceded by praying in the Beji Temple located on the east side of the Watu Karu Temple or inside the Madya Mandala (middle) and Nista Mandala (outside).

After praying at Beji Temple, the prayer continues in the main temple building situated in the center of the temple area. This is also not necessary to clean your hand and gorge again, because the hallowing of your body was carried out by praying in the Beji Temple. This is the specification of the Batukaru Temple prayer procession.

Location of Batukaru Temple

Luhur Watukaru or Temple Batukaru is located in the countryside of the Wangaya Gede, the Penebel District and the regency of the Tabanan, and in the west of Bali Island. The temple is situated at the foot of Mount Batukaru and about 1.30 hours from the airport of Denpasar, with its beautiful countryside.

History of Batukaru Temple

The history of Batu Karu Temple is hard to be discovered, even in the ancient omission that exists in this temple. Some profile areas such as harpoon are of the Ancient Bali type, for instance, but no written data has been found. Studies and investigations of this temple history remain difficult to find.

The temple festival is held in Luwur Watukaru or Batukaru Temple each six months or 210 days, every Thursday Umanis Wara Dungulan (Balinese Calendar) after Galungan Day (biggest Balinese Hindu festival). Only one day after Galungan Day. The extension day of the temple festival is held on eleven days, giving Hindu public society, particularly in Bali, the opportunity to pray.

Pengempon (the society that cares for the temple) has the responsibility to look after the temple, including the execution of a ceremony. This fact has a characteristic power outside the Watu Karu Temple physical. In 1959, the temple was reconstructed from the remains and gradually to the present architectural conditions until 1977.

One of the uniqueness of Batukaru Temple is the ceremony which is only last for one day, which differs quietly from the rest of the temple in Bali, with an average ritual duration of at least three days.

The main ceremony will take place between Bali’s Galungan holidays and Bali’s Kuningan, while Galungan and Kuningan are the biggest holidays in Bali except North Bali and the Bali Aga villages.

The second uniqueness is that the ceremony never involved a priest from Brahmana, but was carried out by local priests named pemangku.

Batukaru Temple Structure

The three elements in Batukaru’s temple area are equivalent to other Bali temples generally consisting of:

  • Outside area (Nista Mandala)
  • Middle area (Madya mandala)
  • Center area (Utama Mandala)

After the renovation of three temples in a few years ago, the design and structure of these three temple areas became increasingly permanent and conceptual. In the outside area of the building we can find the Wantilan building, which can be used for multifunction, located on the right hand side of the entrance gate.

The renovation of the parking lot has made it easy for the Hindu society or all tourists who visit the temple. There are also other public facilities such as a toilet located outside the temple area and visitors can be taken care of on the left side of the entrance door.

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