Melanting Temple nestles on a foot hill in Pemuteran, North Bali, in the middle of a jungle. Visitors can find a huge parking lot and some warung stand in the area that offers drinks and snacks. The jungle has become a bit civilized from the wild with street lights stretching along the side of the road and the parking lot.

There is a narrow road going through a small jungle and the local houses to reach the area from the Pemuteran main road. From the parking lot of Melanting Temple you can see the stairs we have to climb to get into the compound of the temple.

Two huge dragon statues decorate the main gate and the temple looks majestic from below the staircase. On the way to the main entrance there is a little place where the people who pray put their sacrifices and get the holy water to purify their minds before they reach the main court. Like most temples in Bali, we enter the middle court after the main gate where people prepare for the offering. There is the main court after that where there is a huge and beautiful temple.

The government reconstructed the Melanting Temple building and it was redesigned by Ida Bagus Tugur, a prominent Balinese architect. Some people come to do meditation in the night time in particular. Some people come to do meditation in the night time in particular.

Melanting Temple’s panorama is beautiful, the green layered hills backed the temple, while the blue Java Sea can be seen from the main court. The chill breeze in the jungle is very calming and the natural sound of living things.

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