Niagara Munduk has two waterfalls, Niagara Falls Munduk and Melanting. People used to call Falls Munduk both, though. Munduk Waterfall (Munduk Natural Waterfall), which you will first encounter when you come from Denpasar and Bedugul direction.

The waterfall is 2 km from Gobleg’s view of the twin lake. There is a 15-meter high waterfall between the population of coffee plantations and cloves plantations. You have to walk up to 246 meters from the parking lot to get to this waterfall.

Don’t forget to pay the adjacent parking lot for small admission. In addition, you’re just walking down the path between the coffee plantations to reach the waterfall. Besides this waterfall, if you are thirsty or hungry, there is a simple restaurant.

The splashing waters and birdsongs around the falls create an atmosphere of peace and calm, making us feel at home in the Munduk waterfall.

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