Nusa Dua Beach is one of Bali’s famous beaches, Nusa Dua (meaning Two Islands) is the peninsula name that extends from the southern tip of Bali Island, hosting a pristine luxury hotel complex. A heavy concentration of big-name international hotels lines the beautiful white sand shore in a protected lagoon offering excellent swimming conditions.

Located 10 km from the international airport, Nusa Dua is an enclave of the world’s most luxurious and sumptuous hotels dedicated to tourists of major scale.

This is ideal for honeymooners and those who bring the whole family, the white sand and flowing water are ideal for kids to play in the sea while lifeguards keep an eye. The roads in the area are well maintained and security personnel guard two entrance gates for each incoming and outgoing guest 24/7 with full security procedures.

It is therefore no wonder that Nusa Dua has been an official venue for international conferences, congresses, meetings and other management corporate events and annual festivals, attended by major participants all over the world.

Nusa Dua has several beaches separated by several sandy outposts jutting out into the ocean. The sandy shoreline is already approximately 2 km long and is flanked by a number of internationally renowned resorts such as Grand Hyatt Bali and Bali Hilton.

There are two separate sandy beaches, interestingly, here with a luxury public park that divides both. The park also houses a temple called Pura Bias Tugel, located within the park’s compound in a secluded location.

The northern part of this sea park offers a magnificent view of Mt Agung across the Strait of Badung. The beach has decent sands, but honestly it’s no shouting.

Indeed, most parts of Nusa Dua are reclaimed land for the explosive development of tourism. However, for the uninitiated, the beach looks natural enough.

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