Padang Bai Beach is the gateway to Bali Island, located in the village of Padangbai, district of Manggis, approximately 53 km from Amlapura. Padang Bai’s location is in Padang, a rural and isolated bay that has been used as a harbor for years.

Padang Bai’s name was taken from this bay and the phrase Padang Bay became Padang Bai by the influence of the Dutch language.

Padang Bai is a harbor where anchors are dropped by small and large ships. This area develops like a tourist attraction for some attractions, like white sand, the beautiful surroundings and the stunning panorama of the underwater. In addition, the traditional fishermen’s daily lives and the busy crowd in the harbor are becoming another plus point in this area.

This place is also famous for its sacred temples, Temple of Silayukti and Tanjung Sari. Empu Kuturan had built Silayukti Temple. In addition to these two temples, there is also the Penataran Agung Temple, located on Padang Bai’s west side.

Of course, fishing is the main activity in Padang Bai and if you’re a lover of seafood, this is definitely the place to be. On the main street, there are a good few great restaurants with seafood that cook anything from lobster to barracuda.

You will have no trouble finding accommodation and all places are within walking distance from each other so look around and see what suits you best. Here you will find accommodation from mid to low range.

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