Pancering Jagat Temple in the village of Trunyan, in Kintamani, Regecy of Bangli, knows as the Temple of the Navel of the World. The name of the temple comes from the four-meter high statue Arca da Tonta or Ratu Gede Pusering Jagat. The ceremony in this temple usually takes place around October at Purnamaning Sasih Kapat.

The Barong Brutuk Dance will be performed on the occasion of the legendary wedding celebration of Ratu Sakti Pancering Jagat: village custodian and Ratu Ayu Dalem Pingit (Ratu Ayu Dalem Dasar). Only teenagers (Sekeha Teruna) in that village can perform this dance.

The children and the village elders must meet certain requirements, for example to be successful for 42 days during a holiness ceremony in the Pancering Jagat Temple with certain offerings.

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