The Penatahan Hot Spring on the banks of the Yeh Ho River contains sulfur, potassium and sodium that are effective at treating the skin and certain other diseases. It is located in Penatahan village, Penebel district. Also known as Yeh Panes, a lovely resting place on the upper ground of a river surrounded by green forest and fresh vegetation.

There is a waterfall in this place while the hot spring rises in the middle of a temple under the great banyan tree. Backgrounded by the magnificent Batukaru Mountain, cool fresh weather and beautiful nature, Yeh Panes was a place for relaxation and recreation.

You can also go hiking, cycling, jogging, meditation, practice, fishing or massage. Great place to make you feel healthy and relaxed. There has been a Kingdom, a Penulisan, according to history with King Jaya Wikrama who suffered severe skin disease. At the suggestion of the minister, Satya Wacana, the king brought a traditional healer named Ki Dukuh Tangkas, who gave power by meditation and then a hot spring from the ground with God’s blessing.

Ki Dukuh asked the king to swim until he recovered completely. The king then built a temple on the site called “We Brahma” or “Toya Anget,” which expressed his gratitude.

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