Pulaki Temple is one of Bali’s biggest Hindu temples on the western side or 1 hour drive west from town of Singaraja. The Temple is located on the west side of the Buleleng Regency in the Banyu Poh Village, Grokgak Sub District, and is nestled on a foot hill just off the coast. The dry brown hills that turn sparkling green behind the temple during the rainy season.

Black and white stone dominates the architecture as if some parts of the temple are the hills being carved themselves. Monkeys roam in and out of the temple, attempting to attack the people’s offerings. So watch your valuable items and better not wear anything that might attract the attention of the monkeys.

When you visit this temple, men holding sticks are the common sight, keeping the monkeys away. In contrast, the Temple of Pulaki has a spectacular view to enjoy.

Entering the temple you arrive at the middle court, you can see the glamorous blue of the Javanese sea clearly framed on the right and left side by the green hills. If you want to enter the main court where people place their offerings and pray, there are more stairs to climb.

The main court is no longer silent, because the monkeys are waiting for the right time to take off the fruit! People seem to be familiar with the monkey’s noise and pray in full concentration.

From the top of the temple compound there are also more spectacular views, with an enclosed path which can be slippery in rainy days. Make sure that when you visit the temple, you go through this path. You will be trekking among the local corn fields while the picturesque scenery of the ocean and hills seduces your eyes, and the sound from the sea will chill you down on a hot sunny day.

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