Pupuan Rice Terrace is located in the west part of Bali (in Tabanan regency), where you can fill your eyes with impressive memories of the great countryside accompanied by nobody but the friendly local farmers. The best thing about Pupuan is a clear day early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

When it gets rained, fog usually follows the rain and darkens the entire village. As the season arrives, local farmers start to plow their fields by adding traditional culture to the landscape.

With the help of buffalo, farmers kept their old way of cultivating their land. As paddy grows in the area, the landscape is covered by deep green, like a huge smart rug laid on the slopes of the hills. The growers of these crops are intimately related to nature.

During harvest, the growers cut off the paddy from traditional equipment known as “anggapan.” They stand in rows and sing as they glean their harvest.

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