Tirta Gangga is about six kilometers north of Karangasem Regency’s capital, Amlapura. It is a water playground designed as a resting place by a prince in the Karangasem Royal Family. One of Bali’s most beautiful places, Tirta Gangga is a well-maintained pool complex built by Karangasem’s last king, Raja Anak Agung Anglurah Ketut, in 1947 with corvee work on a sacred spring under a banyan tree.

The site of the small water shrine, these formal water gardens in almost Italian style, were among the old Raja retreats at the weekend. There is a large wellspring in this area before this park is found that the local society believes this water comes from the land is a holy spring, so they call this place Embukan means wellspring.

According to the local people, this wellspring works as a bath place for the god and is also used as drinking water from the nearest village for the local community.

This wellspring is therefore sacrificed by local people and keeps the park naturally, becoming one of Bali’s famous tourist destinations in the east.

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