Ubud Art Market is one of Ubud’s center of economic society and the opposite of Ubud Palace’s existence, which is called Puri Saren. The market develops from west to east divided into two groups with different purposes.

There are two markets in the same area, one block from the West is for a traditional art market and one block is in the East, a traditional basic market for local everyday needs. This market is open from 08:00 till 18:00 every day, even some shops are open till night.

At 04:00 until late afternoon, the traditional market for the basic requirements is open daily. In this art market, art crafting is sold consisting of various crafts, from traditional to contemporary craftsmanship, which is relatively cheap for its price.

The transaction can be made directly to the merchant that can generally be negotiated. All the crafts sold here can be brought home as souvenirs such as slipper, bag, clothes, matting, wood idol, painting, ceramics, sarong, and much more. The best price is how good you are in negotiation, for Balinese women have good market experience.

Ubud Market is very simple and easy to find as it is very famous among the Balinese and strategically located in Ubud Village center. This market is right in front of Ubud Palace.

This market is close to other Ubud sights such as Ubud Monkey Forest, Tegalalang Rice Terrace, Painting Arts Museum, Silver Smith Villages, Wood Carving Center, Holly Spring Temple and Goa Gajah.

Mostly visitors will spend 3-4 hours exploring the market and going down town around Ubud, full of shops, restaurants, cafes.

The good meeting point with your guide or driver is in the Hall Meeting Pavilion on the western edge of the Ubud Palace.

If you’re staying at Ubud, walking for those staying at Monkey Forest Street, Hanoman Street, is very accessible. The hotel will normally provide free shuttle to and from the Ubud market if you stay out of that range area.

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