Ubud Painting is one of Balinese art’s most famous collection of painting and can only be found in Ubud bali. Ubud is well known for both wood carvings, painting, music and dances for its gallery of arts. Today, parallel to Ubud’s development as a tourist destination, these arts are experiencing rapid development in terms of style, tradition and production capacity.

The art may be for art in the sense of art in the past, but the art for business is growing today. Moreover, with the arrival of different designs from outside Bali, the rich pattern and coloring of the art has really been added without leaving its original character.

Most artists who work on art such as carving, painting, and even craftsmanship are increasingly intensive in skill and time. You can visit some Ubud galleries and museums at any time. The development of painting and carving art in Ubud was led by the royal figure of Tjokorde Gede Agung Soekawati, who initiated the formation of the association of Ubud artists called “Pita Maha”.

This association was aimed at providing consultancy and assistance to the artist in their efforts to increase their welfare. He also invites many Western artists, such as Colin Mc Phee, Walter Spies, and Rudolf Bonnet, to stay and work in Ubud and involve them in the association in 1926.

Ubud artists were able to introduce their work to the world outside of Indonesia by organizing numerous exhibitions with these western artists. Pita Maha is the start of Ubud’s rapid development as the art center. Ubud is becoming increasingly renowned abroad, and Ubud’s admiration for painting and carving is increasingly spreading among artists and even ordinary people.

This has brought Bali everywhere into a serious discussion as a new cultural attraction paradise. From Europe, Australia, and the United States, tourists began to inflow. Local artists in Ubud also welcome the arrival of Ubud tourists by setting up private museums, galleries and art shops.

There are now a lot of art galleries and art shops in the world that are already famous. Ubud’s development as a tourist attraction inspired tourism facilities development. Ubud thus becomes hotels and restaurants ‘ paradise.

Various hotels are now available in Ubud and the surrounding area from local non-star hotels up to 5 star hotel grade. Some guests also stay at house guests or just rent a small villa for their family.

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