Ubud Palace is located in the center of Ubud Bali, just across the traditional art market. It is found in 1800-1823 by Ida Tjokorda Putu Kandel who commanded. The palace is a Ubud Kingdom Palace with lovely traditional Balinese houses as Ubud King’s residence.

It is an artistic center of cultural life, while the traditional market is a symbol of local economics. Puri Saren’s existence as a palace is equipped with a Wantilan (open auditorium) which is a large meeting room building and a banyan tree as a daytime shelter.

The traditional market is an economic place for society and its existence always borders on the palace as a center of cultural artistic life. This means that the two poles describe the dynamics of society and the life of the Kingdom.

Tourists who purchased the tour packages for Ubud will visit this palace and they will feel incomplete if they are not invited to visit the Puri Saren (Ubud Palace) and the traditional market because the soul and identity of Ubud Village are the two tourist destinations.

The visitor can only enter the outside and middle part of the palace, where they can also see traditional musical instruments (Gong) and visitors can sometimes see cultural activities such as dancing, singing and other.

With an artistically traditional building, the palace is very beautiful and has the high esthetic value. It is located at a good temperature that can give every visitor a calm atmosphere.

Some of Europe’s world-class painters lived in Ubud, including Rudolf Bonnet, Arie Smith, Antonio Blanco, Walter Spies, Hans Snell, and others. Through their painting masterpiece, these entire world-class painters followed indirectly to promote tourism of Bali because theme or painting objects are about Bali’s culture and nature.

For all his respectable guest, Ida Tjokorda Agung Sukawati has exploited his palace as a lodge.

The Tjampuhan Hotel was founded in 1928 for all guests of the empire and on 1934 this hotel was opened as a lodge for guests of the empire and was also used as a center for Pita Maha Organization activities. Tjampuhan Hotel is the oldest, traditionally styled hotel in Ubud.

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